About Us

Who We Are…

MAST.Solutions represents “Marketing And Sales Technologies”. We provide complete web solutions for individuals, small, medium, and large sized businesses. We offer professional quality services and support at affordable prices.

What We Offer…

Our services include the following:

  • Complete Website Development – From Simple to Custom Websites
  • Website Upgrade – If you are not getting the results you want from your website, you should consider a website upgrade.
  • Content Management – MAST has a team of experienced writers that, after careful consultation with you, can create appropriate content for you.
  • Custom SEO Service – Although we implement “Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in our web development process, we offer an “Enhanced SEO” package to make sure that you get found once your site goes live.
  • Hosting and Maintenance – Due to hosting most of our clients through GoDaddy Hosting, we can offer discounted hosting and maintenance plans.
  • Logo Design – Unless you have a logo you are entirely satisfied with, you should consider having your logo professionally designed! A standout logo sets you apart from the competition by instantly conveying brand value, which allows you to gain maximum impact from those short few moments you have your prospect’s attention.
  • Fair Pricing Policy – All web design projects are custom quoted to fit with the client requirements and budget.Contact us today for a no-obligation custom quotation for your website.

Our Approach to Pricing

Our approach to pricing depends on each individual client and what they need to maximize their ROI. However, while keeping your budget in mind, we will always provide you with the maximum in quality service. You will find our pricing is one of the lowest, if not the lowest in North America.

How do we offer the highest quality at the lowest price? Traditionally, if you use a local developer, the hourly rate is going to be between $50 to 90 per hour. Because of this, some businesses try to use an out-sourced company located in a different country, where the cost is a fraction of what you would pay locally. However there are drawbacks!

There are many advantages to dealing with M.A.S.T:

  • You get a one-on-one relationship
  • During the development phase you can have direct input
  • You have someone you can contact to look after you when you site has minor hiccups
  • You can get minor changes done without spending a lot of money

The only advantage of dealing with an out-sourced company is the cost, but you have no support if your site goes down or you need changes.

Our Approach

We have managed to achieve an ideal balance of both concepts by being local and available to you. We do all the design, content, and layout locally (while communicating closely with you), and still give you the pricing benefits of outsourcing. After we are sure you are satisfied with the content and design, we only have our off-shore affiliates do the programming and coding. This allows us to reduce our operating costs by at least 50%-80%, and we pass these savings on to you.


M.A.S.T.’s mission and vision is to grow our organization by providing the highest quality web development service at the best price.

Our Clients

Happy clients are a reflection of our work ethics. And, repeat clients mean that we have achieved the best reward that we can ever get – proud and satisfied customers.

All our work is done with passion, innovation, creativity, and intelligence in order to leverage our success.

We offer our clients an enhanced and exceptional usability experience, enabling them to compete with the best. Our clients include Small to Big Businesses, Product Owners, and Enterprises who are always in pace with time, both technically and strategically.

Our goal is to build long term relationships with all our clients and have each new client becoming an addition to our extended family of successful business people.