Web Design

Make Your Business Stand Out Through Web Design

Every website needs a purpose. Proper web design will attract, engage, and keep people who visit your site.

There are hundreds of websites that will compete with you. You need to stand out to anyone searching for what you provide!

Our creative web design services can achieve this for you. We give you simple and easy to understand content that prospects can easily understand, without overloading or disappointing them. We will personally work with you to ensure you get the successful the look and feel you want out of your website.

Our Approach to Website Design

Often, websites try to be too many things to too many people, and are far too busy. This loses the original intention of what the site was trying to achieve. To make your site work, we focus on the following:

1.  Website Purpose – Working towards clear, focused objectives.
2. Website Usability – Designing clean interfaces that are easy to use.
3. Website Functionality – Creating an easy and quick interaction between your website and visitors.
4. Website Design – We create strong visuals that emphasize what you are promoting .

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Website Upgrade

If you are not getting the results you want from your website, you should consider a website upgrade.

Sometimes, all it takes are a few minor changes to create a dynamic, productive website. On the other hand, some sites require major revisions if they are going to do the job!

What We Can Do For You

  • First, we do a thorough review of your site
  • Next, we develop the easiest and least costly way(s) to improve your site
  • Finally, after thorough consultation with you, we develop a custom website redesign approach specific to your business that will turn your under-performing website into a sales-generating asset.

Contact us today for a cost-free assessment of your current site.

Content Management & SEO

MAST has a team of experienced writers that, after careful consultation with you, can create appropriate content for you.

Our team is well experienced at revising and improving existing content. We help you say what you want to in a better way, and in one which will sell your services. Also, we will correct and spelling, grammar errors, and construction problems in any of your existing material.

All this will help you present a professional image, and get across a message that is easy to understand.

Content Writing and Research

If you are new start-up or don’t have any content, we can research compile and format all or some of the research for you. No matter what your business is, our team of research analysts will gather the information that is relevant and get your approval. We provide a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. We’re not happy until you are!


Building a website is the easy part, every business has to have one to maximize their success; however, getting found when a potential client is looking for something you offer, is critical.

Although you get basic SEO with your website development, we can help ensure you have the proper search words, meta tags, and SEO friendly content. we offer several packages specifically designed to suit your needs.

Logo Design

Engaging Logo Design

Unless you have a logo you are entirely satisfied with, you should consider having your logo professionally designed!

People recognize and identify with logos. They can be more important in branding and marketing than anything else you can do. Think of things like the Nike “swish” and other prominent logos. These send an immediate and subliminal message.

A standout logo sets you apart from the competition by instantly conveying brand value, which allows you to gain maximum impact from those short few moments you have your prospect’s attention.

We have designed successful logos for many businesses.

Our logo design services include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Providing you with designs to consider
  • Finalization of an effective logo for your business
  • Your revisions (as necessary).

Contact us today, and let’s get started on a winning logo for your business.


MAST Develops Pricing Strategies to Meet Your Budget

Every web design project is different.We also appreciate that your budget for website development is limited. Therefore, MAST understands the need for cost-efficient pricing options for your web design project.

MAST will only design what you really need. We will not try to sell you extras. Further, we will develop a quote for what you need, and will not exceed that price without consultation with you!

MAST offers economical and competitive pricing solutions designed to cater to your specific business. We provide easy-to-understand quotes detailing everything we will do for you. We also communicate with you constantly through the entire development process in order to keep you well-informed.

In addition, MAST provides a full satisfaction guarantee. We are not finished until you are satisfied.

Web Design Price Ranges

All web design projects are custom quoted to fit with the client requirements and budget.
Contact us today for a no-obligation custom quotation for your website.